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Hello dear readers and fans! We wanted to say thank you for continuing to use our product and telling your friends about us. Yes, we see it all when you invite a friend, and when that happens we all get up and do a round of standing ovation for you — true story. We think of you as part of the family, and as family, we wanted to keep you updated on what we’ve been up to for the past couple months.
September and October so far have been very busy and exciting times for CityPockets. What happened:
– We found out that there is a $1.2 billion (holy moly!) debt in expired and unredeemed daily deals out there through our very first infographics, which was first presented at the Daily Deal Summit and featured on Mashable & ReadWriteWeb.
– CityPockets was featured as the must-have dashboard for your life article by the Wall Street Journal and as the cure for daily deal addiction by CNN.
– We launched our second version of the mobile app (Apple and Android, download today!) which lets you buy, sell and manage deals on-the-go.
– We integrated with 8coupons to become a one-stop shop for daily deals now letting our users by live deals directly from CityPockets.

Here’s few additional pieces of news that you might have missed:
9/30/11: We were named as a survival tool in deluge of daily deals by U.S. News.
9/21/11: Featured as the must-have tool to manage your ‘Family Economics’ by S.C. Johnson.
9/19/11: Tips on how to handle daily deal sites with care by NYDailyNews.
Cheryl interviewed and executive profiled (legit) on
Cheryl’s also been on a tear on the press. She’s been interviewed for CityPockets, for her personal startup journey and general tips for fellow entrepreneurs and more:
10/11/11: Cheryl talks about the void CityPockets is trying to fill in the daily deal space in her feature on Rob Woodridge’s Untether.TV.
10/6/11: On BNET Live, Cheryl talks about her startup journey and on overcoming entrepreneurial challenges and what lies ahead for CityPockets (below).
9/29/11: Cheryl describes what CityPockets is in this short segment on ABC7 – SF Live Online (below).


Phew, that was a lot of updates. Leave a comment with any of your thoughts on the articles, interviews, current events, your life story, watever. We promise to listen!
CP Out!:)

Legit: Cheryl on CBS Interactive and BNET Live Today!

Want to know what it’s like to create a business out of an idea? Or want to know the secrets of setting a great foundation for a successful startup?
Come to hear how Cheryl overcame entrepreneurial challenges and grew CityPockets from a simple “I wish there was a…” to now the leading daily deal wallet and secondary marketplace.
Tune in at 1:30pm (EST) today on
See you there!:)

We’re on U.S. New’s Survival Guide to Daily Deals!



“A Survival Guide to the Deluge of Daily Deals”

By DR Via US News

Daily deal sites have become the new golden child of the Internet. Ever since Groupon turned down a $6 billion offer from Google, these sites have multiplied faster than GOP candidates for president. For consumers, the array of daily deals can be a bit overwhelming. Not only are there now hundreds of sites clamoring for our attention, but once you sign up for one, your inbox gets flooded with deals many of us have no time to read.

Thankfully, there are tools to help folks manage their daily deals and ensure you get the most bang for your buck. We will review two of these tools and discuss exactly how you can use them to organize your deals. First, let’s review some of the popular daily deal sites.

Local Daily Deals: Sites like Groupon and Living Social offer deals each day from local merchants in your area. These sites do a good job of covering just about every area in the United States, and they offer a variety of deals. You can elect to receive updates via email or access the deals right from your Smartphone. Once you purchase a deal, you can either print off a voucher or show the merchant the voucher right from your phone.

Product Daily Deals: Some sites focus on product deals instead of deals from local merchants. For example, buys products in bulk at large discounts and pass the savings on to consumers. As the name suggests, it features one sale each day. More established websites like Amazon and eBay also have daily sale pages.


Specialty Sites: Finally, some daily deals sites focus on unique specialties., for example, focuses on all things dining. specializes in outdoor activities, like hot air balloon rides and paintball outings. For an exhaustive list of daily deal sites, you can check out a list we put together at And as you can see from the variety of sites, managing these accounts can get overwhelming. Two of the tools we are going to cover are and, both of which are available to help you keep tabs on your deals. offers subscribers two great features. First, the site automatically imports all your daily deal vouchers from the various deal sites so you can keep track of them in one place. City Pockets also sends you email updates reminding you when your deals expire so you don’t miss out on the savings.


The second feature is a secondary market for daily deal vouchers. If you have ever had a deal expire on you, then you’ll see the value in this feature. If you can’t use a daily deal you’ve already purchased, you can list it for sale on City Pockets. While you’ll likely have to sell it for less than what you paid, it’s better than letting the voucher expire. And if you are in the market for a daily deal, you may want to check out these sales first. Manilla is an online service that allows you to manage your bills, financial accounts, and travel rewards programs. Now Manilla also lets you manage your daily deals. Recently, Manillia partnered with Groupon and Living Social so users can keep track of their deals from these sites within Manilla. The downside to Manilla is that there are many daily deal sites that are not part of its program.


What did you think about the article? Did U.S. News miss any must have survival tips that’s allowed you stay afloat hundreds of daily deal sites? Leave comments and you can be featured in the next guest post!!!:)

Legit: Cheryl Live — Again (Tomorrow and Thursday)!

CityPockets CEO will be on Twitter townhall with fabulous @frugalista from Coupon Etiquette tomorrow at 8pm (EST)! To tune in, be sure to follow hashtag #dealchat to see all the action around topics of extreme couponing and everyone’s favorite daily deal industry.

Also catch Cheryl on TV Thursday on San Francisco’s ABC Channel 7 between 6 and 7pm (EST). Cheryl will be discussing daily deals as a third party expert in the industry. You may even catch her sharing some highlights from the CityPockets infographic that was published last week (see two posts down to see if yourself!). 
Watch it online here.
CP out!:)

National Coupon Month

Did you know September was the National Coupon Month?
Since 1998, September has been designated as the Month to coupon in order to raise awareness of saving money and increase usage of coupons. In honor of this past month (what happened to summer?!), here’s a few interesting tidbits about couponing found around the web:
1.  The first coupon ever was believed to be Coca Cola’s handwritten note for a free glass in 1886 (above picture).
CP TAKE:  Saving money has always been in our blood.
2.  According to, “20 minutes a week clipping and clicking could save you over $1000 annually.”
CP TAKE:  If couponing were a job, the wage would be $60 an hour!
3.  2011 is projected to have the highest rates of coupon usage ever. Consumers have saved $2 billion in the first half of 2011 alone.
CP TAKE: With the saved money, consumers could have purchased… a lot more stuff.
4.  91% of consumers would walk away from the perfect product to wait for a sale or buy it at a discount.
CP TAKE:  Who are those 9%?!
5.  According to eMarketer, 88.2 million consumers will use online and printable coupons this year — that’s 47% of all adult Internet users!
CP TAKE:  To give you context, that’s nearly on par with percentage of users on social media (50%)!
And these aren’t even including data for our favorite kind of deals, Daily Deals! I think we should put together a protest for daily deals to be added in the category of “coupons”– of course, a protest that will only happen if enough people “buy-in”😉 For additional information on daily deals, check out our infographics below!
Got any good couponing stories from the past month? Share in the comments below and it could be featured in our next guest post!

Infographic: What’s in Your Deal Wallet?

Happy Friday CityPocketeers!
Cheryl (our CEO) will be on stage today at the Daily Deal Summit in San Francisco presenting on what daily deal users are actually buying based on their purchase data. To illustrate, we created the below (awesome) infographic on what an average user’s daily deal wallet looks like.
The insights are both fun (Did you know men buy 30% more tanning and massage deals than women?) and shocking (Did you know there’s $1.2 billion worth of vouchers expired or unredeemed? WHOA).
Here’s a peek into what other deal users are actually buying. Check out below and share with other daily deal enthusiasts (embeddable link is below the infographic for those who are interested in reposting)! First of many to come :)!
The infographic was also featured on Mashable and ReadWriteWeb.

Embeddable link: <a href=”“><img src=”” /></a>
CP out!:)

CityPockets Special Offer: $10 Free to BuyWithMe


CityPockets is launching its first partner offer (and it’s GOOD).

Starting today for two weeks, anyone who signs up on CityPockets will receive $10 free credits to BuyWithMe (*must be new BuyWithMe accounts)— say whaaat?! That’s right, sign up on CityPockets, sign up on BuyWithMe, let CityPockets manage BuyWithMe and you’re entitled to a free $10 gift card to the 3rd largest daily deal site.

Click link here to claim!

Already a CityPockets user? As long as you don’t have a BuyWithMe account already, you can still get the $10 when you sign up for BuyWithMe!

And what if you’re a deal-junkie like me and already have both CityPockets and BuyWithMe accounts? Then you can be a great person and share with your friends so they don’t miss out on this smoking deal:)

Remember kids, Free Credits + Free Deal Management Tool = Happy Daily Dealers. CP Out!

CityPockets has an Upgraded Mobile App!

Did you see the Nike Marty McFly’s that were released last week (‘Back to the Future’ ref for readers under 21)? Were you reminded of how much you wanted (and still want) that personal hover-board you can ride around the city like a skateboard? Us too! But no, we don’t have that for you today.
BUT what we do have for your today is the very first mobile app that now lets you access all the deals you already bought, buy past deals that you missed from our marketplace and redeem your deals instantly all on your phone — talk about time warping. Our app version 2.0 is a game changer in the daily deal industry. Unlike any other app, this app is all about redemption, and redemption right now. Let us explain how:
The CityPockets app shows you all the deals that can be redeemed right now including your own purchased vouchers. Now with the ability to buy deals from the secondary marketplace while on-the-go, we are essentially allowing you to use the marketplace like instant deals! Searchable by categories and location, CityPockets app will now show you all the places you can get deals from right at that moment. And once you buy a marketplace deal, the voucher is automatically imported to your wallet to be redeemed like your other vouchers.
Features to the app:
(i) See all of your daily deal vouchers in one place.
(ii) Redeem deals with your phone and mark as used.
(ii) Buy from secondary marketplace on-the-go and redeem instantly* (New in 2.0)
(iii) Store credit cards to easily purchase a marketplace deal with just one-click* (New in 2.0)
(iii) Add new daily deal accounts directly from your phone to import all of your current vouchers onto a single wallet* (New in 2.0)
The app launches today and is available for downloads on Apple now (Android tomorrow!). If you love it, share the app with your friends– remember: friends don’t let friends let their deals expire.:)
CP out!

Guest post: CityPockets Saves Vouchers Deal Provider Didn’t Have (True Story.)

This post from a fellow CityPocketeer in ‘Sota! She shares with us a story of how CityPockets helped her to get vouchers for deals even the provider couldn’t provide!!!
Stephanie in her own words:
“It’s probably an understatement to say that I’m not the most organized person in the world. I tend to be one of those people that makes piles of stuff and then regularly goes through the piles to remember what’s in them. So, you can imagine how much companies like LivingSocial and Groupon love me. I buy a voucher for something that’s not going to expire for a year. Then, I promptly lose the confirmation email somewhere in the abyss I call my inbox. A year goes by, the voucher goes unused, and the company offering the deal makes off with my hard earned dough. Well, thanks to CityPockets, my days of unused vouchers are at an end.
I started using CityPockets back in June after reading a clip about them in my daily email from Netted by the Webbys. The site was everything I was looking for…a single location to gather up all of my purchased vouchers from sites like LivingSocial, Groupon,, and Crowd Cut. CityPockets lets me keep track of expiration dates, mark vouchers as used, gift them to friends or family, and even sell them in the marketplace if I can’t find the time to use them myself (I’ve sold two already!!). To top it off, CityPockets offers a very sweet iPhone app that lets me do virtually all of this on the go.
The frosting on this delicious voucher cake came a few weeks ago in the form of an unexpected surprise. Three of my friends and I had booked a round of golf with some vouchers I’d bought through LivingSocial. The night before we were scheduled to play, I went online to LivingSocial to print the vouchers. I know now that I should’ve started with CityPockets. Chalk it up to force of habit. Anyhow…I opened the vouchers, began printing, and noticed something quite odd. Despite my account showing me four vouchers with four different voucher numbers, each page I printed had the same voucher number at the top. It didn’t matter how I tried to print the vouchers, they always came out with exactly the same number. In a panic, I went to my CityPockets account, opened each voucher, printed it, and, voilá, four different voucher numbers. CityPockets to the rescue!!!
In case you can’t tell by now, CityPockets has a lifelong friend in me. Cheryl Yeoh and her team have created something helpful, fun, and easy to use. Excitedly looking forward to whatever they come up with next!”
Follow Stephanie on twitter @jurismorte.
CP out!:)

Legit: CityPockets on Wall Street Journal

Did you see CityPockets featured on WSJ over the weekend? CityPockets was nominated as a must-have dashboard for your life!
Check it out here below:




We love the press!:) Leave your thoughts on the article in the comments below.


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